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Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 68, No.12, pp. 2325-2332, 1996


Preservation and utilization of natural biodiversity in context of search for economically valuable medicinal biota
(Technical Report)

Prepared for publication by P. R. Andrews (Australia), R. Borris (USA), E. Dagne (Ethiopia), M. P. Gupta (Panama), L. A. Mitscher (USA), A. Monge (Spain), N. J. De Souza (India) and J. G. Topliss (USA)

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Abstract: Natural products remain excellent sources of leads in the search for novel medicaments for the treatment of diseases. The largest present underexplored source of such materials lies in tropical and subtropical regions. In these areas a long tradition of ethnobotanical medicine often exists with which to guide laboratory experimentation, but the finds, equipment and necessary expertise is often lacking. The divergence between availability and the means with which to develop provides the basis for significant disagreements over the value to be placed on each party's contribution and represents a factor which inhibits the development of these materials for mankind's benefit. Various scientific societies, governmental agencies, industries, groups and individuals have advanced their views, but confounding features have prevented the emergence of an amicable consensus. The rapid rate with which biota are disappearing has increased the urgency of the need to find solutions to the problems which remain. IUPAC has considered a number of declarations on the subject, particularly the Manila Declaration of 1992 and the Melaka Accord of 1994, which are reproduced in an appendix, and has made several recommendations it believes should be considered by participants when promulgating declarations and enacting legislation on the topic. This position paper sets forth IUPAC's views -on the subject for the guidance of its members and affiliated organizations and is not itself a declaration nor does it adopt by reference any particular declaration.

> Abstract
> Background
> Issues
> Recommendations
> Appendices
  1. The Manila Declaration
  2. The Melaka Accord

> See also General Features of Contracts for Natural Product Collaborations


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