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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 72, No. 7, 2000

Green Chemistry—the Japanese translation of the special topic issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry (Vol. 72, No. 7, 2000) - Translation coordinated by Junshi Miyamoto (2001), ISBN 4-7598-0734-9.

E-mail [email protected]; ref. ISBN 4-7598-0734-9

The original publication and its translation are to promote and disseminate awareness of environmentally compatible synthetic pathways (green chemistry) throughout the academic and industrial scientific research community. In 1999 an IUPAC project was initiated to publish a Symposium-in-Print on Green Chemistry, and to compile a collection of expert reviews on aspects of the topic, underpinned by an introductory account of the evolution of the project, its rationale, and its interfaces with complementary initiatives and organisations.

This volume represents the culmination of that undertaking. The introductory overview gives a detailed account of the role and interest of IUPAC in promoting this initiative and provides an account of the historical emergence of the concept. This is followed by a synoptic preamble, in which the content and purpose of individual reviews in the issue are summarized. The Symposium-in-Print captures the current status of the discipline and projects the boundless opportunities and challenges confronting contemporary organic synthesis and its practice in a changing world, increasingly sensitized to the finite bounds of natural resources and the vulnerability of the biosphere. The issue offers evidence that current problems are being addressed and can be solved, and engenders expectations that future problems can be anticipated and prevented.

<publication announced in Chem. Int. 24(3) 2002>

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