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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 157, 2000, pp. 1-257

Ionic Polymerization


International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization
Kyoto, Japan
July 19-23, 1999

S. Kobayashi
Ring-Opening polymerization processes involving activated monomer mechanism. Cationic polymerization of cyclic ethers containing hydroxyl group. 1
M. Bednarek, T Biedrón, K. Katuzynski, P. Kubisa*, J. Pretula, S. Penczek
Synthesis of a novel polymeric carbohydrate via regio- and stereoselective cyclopolymerization of 1,2:5,6-dianhydrohexitol. 13

Kazuaki Yokota*, Toyoji Kakuchi, Toshifumi Satoh, Stoshi Umeda, Masatoshi Kamada

Living ring-opening polymerization based on neighboring group participation. 21
Takeshi Endo*, Fumio Sanda, Wonmun Choi
Synthesis of conducting block and graft copolymers with polyether segments. 29
Yusuf Yagci*, Levent Toppare
Controlled ring-opening polymerization of lactones and lactides. 39

Ann-Christine Albertsson*, Ulrica Edlund, Kajsa Stridsberg

Novel functionalization routes of poly(e-caprolactone). 47
Ph. Lecomte, Ch. Detrembleur, X. Lou, M. Mazza, 0. Halleux, R. Jérome*
On the mechanism of polymerization of cyclic esters induced by tin(II) octoate. 61
Stanislaw Penczek*, Andrzej Duda, Adam Kowalski, Jan Libiszowski, Katarzyna Majerska, Tadeusz Biela
Ring-opening polymerization by various ionic processes. 71
Hartwig Hocker*, Helmut Keul
The indanyl cation: A real time observation. 77
M. Givehchi, A. Polton, M. Tardi, M. Moreau, P. Sigwalt, J.-P Vairon*
New polymer structures based on vinyl ether polymerization. 93

Eric J. Goethals*, Wouter Reyntiens, Xiaochun Zhang, Beatrice Verdonck, Ton Loontjens

Cationic macromolecular engineering via furan derivatives. 101
Rudolf Faust
Free radical accelerated cationic polymerizations. 109
James V Crivello*, Surésh Rajaraman, William A. Mowers, Saoshi Liu
Synthesis of end-functionalized oligomers by one-batch cationic polymerization. 121
Hung Anh Nguyen, Christine Guis, Hervé Cheradame*
Macromolecular synthesis using mesoporous zeolites. 137
Keisuke Kageyama, Shau Mien Ng, Hiroyuki Ichikawa, Takuzo Aida*
Synthesis of novel hydrocarbon polymers containing 6-membered rings in the main chain: Living anionic polymeriza ion of 1,3-cycloh-adiene. 143
Itaru Natori*, Kimio Imaizumi
Towards the control of the reactivity in high temperature anionic polymerization of styrene: Retarded anionic polymerization 3-Influence of triisobutylaluminum on the reactivity of polystyryllithium species. 151
Philippe Desbois, Michel Fontanille*, Alain Deffieux, Volker Warzelhan, Christian Schade
Anionic synthesis of well-defined polymers with amine end groups. 161

Roderic P. Quirk*, Youngjoon Lee

Synthesis of PMMA and PMMA block copolymers at elevated temperatures by phosphor ylide-mediated polymerizations. 171
Dimo K. Dim- William N. War Thieo E. Hogen-Esch*, Stephan Juengling, Volker Warelhan
Novel segmented copolymers by combination of controlled ionic and radical polymerizations. 183
Krzysvof Matyjaszewski*, Mircea Teodorescu, Metin H. Acar Kathryn L. Beers, Simion Coca, Scott G. Gaynor Peter J. Miller, Hyun-jong Paik
Ru(Il)-mediated living radical polymerization: Block and random copolymerizations of NN-dimethylacrylamide and methyl methacrylate. 193
Masahide Senoo, Yuzo Kotani, Masami Kamigaito, Mitsuo Sawamoto*
Novel polymers from atom transfer polymerisation mediated by copper(l) Schiff base complexes. 201
David M. Haddleton*, Alex M. Heming, Adam P. Jarvis, Afzal Khan, Andrew Marsh, Sebastien Perri, Stefan A.F. Bon, Stuart G. Jackson, Ryan Edmonds, Elizabeth Kelly, Dax Kukulj, Carl Waterson
Stereospecific polymerization of a-substituted acrylates. 209

Yoshio Okamoto*, Shigeki Habaue, Takahiro Uno, Hideo Baraki

Star-shaped nanomicelles of polyisobutylene-polystyrene diblock copolymers. New stabilizer for living dispersion polymerization of styrene. 217
Sándor Kéki, György Deák, Lajos Daróczi, Ákos Kuki, Miklós Zsuga*
Synthesis and solution properties of star-shaped poly(tert-butyl acrylate). 225

Daniela Held, Axel H.E. Müller*

Synthesis and morphology of model 3-miktoarm star terpolymers of styrene, isoprene and 2-vinyl pyridine 239
Agapi Zioga, Stella Sioula, Nikos Hadjichristidis*
Titanium and vanadium based non-metallocene catalysts for olefin polymerization. 251
Kazuo Takaoki, Tatsuya Miyatake*  

* The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed

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