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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 147, 1999, pp. 1 - 267

Mechanical Behaviours of Polymeric Materials

18th Discussion Conference
IUPAC Symposium on Mechanical
Behaviour of Polymeric Materials
Prague, Czech Republic

M. Raab, J. Kahovec  
Morphology and mechanical properties of low-molecular-weight polyethylene and ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene films drawn up to 200-fold 1
Yuezhen Bin, Miwako Fukuda, Hiromichi Kurosu, Masaru Matsuo*
Mechanical behavior of polymer microlayers 15
Julia Kerns, Alex Hsieh, Anne Hiltner,* Eric Baer  
The anharmonic character of Tg and Tm transition 27
B. Hlavácek,* V. Kresálek, J. Soucek  
Relationship of hierarchical structure to mechanical properties 37
E. Baer,* A. Hiltner, D. Jarus  
Application of the crack resistance concept to the toughness characterization of high-impact thermoplastics 63
Sabine Seidler,* Wolfgang Grellmann  
Creep rate spectroscopy: high-resolution analysis of relaxations and prediction of anomalies in mechanical behavior of solids 73
Vladimir A. Bershtein,* Pavel N. Yakushev, Nina N. Peschanskaya  
Mechanical properties of crosslinked polyolefin-based materials 83
Ivan Chodák,* Zuzana Nógellová, Bohuslav V. Kokta  
Deformation behavior and mechanical properties of hard elastic and porous films of polyethylene 91
Galina Elyashevich,* Evgenii Karpov, Alexandr Kozlov  
From dynamic mechanical properties to plastic strain behavior of epoxy networks. Effect of the network architecture 103
A. Pierre, O. Sindt, N. Thorne, J. Perez, J.F. Gérard*  
Characterization of polymers in particulate systems 113
H.J. Glass, M.J.M. de Graaf*  
Tensile deformation behaviour of the polymer phase of flexible polyurethane foams and polyurethane elastomers 127
Evert Van der Heide,* Otto L.J. Van Asselen, Gerwin W.H. Ingenbleek, Constant A.J. Putman  
Short predicting the strength and toughness of fiber composites 139
J.L. Kardos,* J.C. Halpin  
Heterogeneity of crystalline structure of injection-moulded and drawn isotactic polypropylene studied by DSC 155
J. Kratochvíl, J. Kotek, A. Sikora, M. Raab*  
Mechanical properties of recycled polymers 167
Francesco Paolo La Mantia*  
Lignocellulose - polymer composites 173
Olfat Mansour,* Bothina Abd El-Hady, Samir K. Ibrahim, Magda Goda  
Fracture of notched polypropylene specimens under creep conditions 181
Jaroslav Kucera,* Eva Nezbedová  
Comparative study of mechanical and dielectric properties of glassy acrylic polymers containing 1,3-dioxane rings in their structures 191
Ricardo Díaz-Calleja, Evaristo Riande*  
Deformation of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer droplets dispersed in a polyamide 201
Yongsok Seo*  
Biaxial stretching of PET films: a molecular description 209
Jean-François Tassin,* Murielle Vigny, Didier Veyrat  
Yielding and fracture in crosslinked epoxies 221
Abbas Tcharkhtchi, Jean-Pierre Trotignon, Jacques Verdu*  
Load separation principle in determination of J-R curve for ductile polymers: suitability of different material deformation functions used in the normalization method 235
Celina Bernal, Marta Rink, Patricia Frontini*  
Scanning force microscopy experiments probing micromechanical properties on polymer surfaces using harmonically modulated friction techniques I. Principles of operation 249
Heinz Sturm*  
Scanning force microscopy experiments probing micromechanical properties on polymer surfaces using harmonically modulated friction techniques II. Investigations of heterogeneous systems 259
Heinz Sturm, Eckard Schulz,* Martin Munz  

*The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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