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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 143, 1999, pp. 1 - 370


World Polymer Congress
7th International Symposium on Macromolecules
Gold Coast, Australia
12-17 July 1998


Robert G. Gilbert, Donald H. Napper

Structure and dynamics of silk fibroin studied with 13C, 15N and 2H solid state NMR 1
T. Asakura*, M. Demura
Crystalline polymers in real space 11
D. C. Bassett
Bulk and surface modification of elastomers by electron beam irradiation: structure-property relationship 21
A. K. Bhowmick*, P S. Majumder, I. Banik  
Recent developments in photoinitiated radical polymerization 45
C . Decker
Mechanism of inhibiting action of quinones in oxidizing polymers and model compounds 65
E. T. Denisov
Design of new materials for environmental control 75
J. Economy*, C. Mangun
Precision and control in polymer synthesis. Why it's important and some recent examples of how to do it 81
W. J. Feast*, F Cacialli, R. Daik, R. H. Friend, E. Herzog,
B. R. Heywood, L. Hobson, J. L. Megson, D. Snowden
Photooxidative degradation of polyether-based polymers 95
J. L. Gardett* , B. Mailhot, F. Posada, A. Rivaton, C. Wilhelm
Structurally controlled polymers with ultimate precision - Synthesis, characterization, and properties 111
K. Hatada*, T Kitayama, K. Ute, T. Nishiura
Enthalpic relaxation and the glass transition in polymer blends 121
J. N. Hay*, M. J. Jenkins
Advanced research work on radiation cross-linking of polymers in CIAC 149
S. Jiazheng*, Z. Xiaoguang
Surface, thermal and mechanical characteristics of polymeric solids 171
T. Kajiyama, N. Satomi, K. Tanaka, A. Takahara  
Dependence of the fracture and fatigue performance of polyolefins and related blends and composites on microstructural and molecular characteristics 185
J. Karger-Kocsis
Self-assemblies in ion-containing polymers 207
A. R. Khokhlov
Electroluminescence in alternating copolymers with the acetylene unit 221
D. Y. Kim, J. M. Hong, J. K. Kim, H. N. Cho, C. Y Kim
Chain transfer to polymer in emulsion polymerization 231
N. M. Ahmad, D. Britton, F Heatley, P A. Lovell*  
Flash hydrolysis deinking of laser print using degradable toner resin 243
E. M. Debzi, R. H. Marchessault*, G. Excoffier, H. Chanzy
New (co)polymers by atom transfer radical polymerization 257
K. Matyjaszewski
Adherent and slippery walls for e trusion of entangled polymer melts and compounds 269
J .-M. Piau  
Tailored polymers by free radical processes  
E Rizzardo*, J. Chiefari, Y. K. Chong, F. Ercole, J. Krstina, J. Jeffery, T. P. T. Le, R. T A. Mayadunne, G. F Meijs , C. L. Moad, G. Moad, S. H. Thang  
Hyperbranched aramids by direct polyamidation of two reactant systems: synthesis and properties 309
S. Russo*, A. Boulares, A. da Rin, A. Mariani, M. E. Cosulich
The diffusion of alcohols and water in polyamide 11: a study by F urie -Transform near-infrared spectroscopy 323
P. Wu, H. W Siesler*
Temperature dependence of radiation effects on polymers 337
Y. Tabata*, A. Oshima  
Fluorescence of polymers: A probe of polymer assemblies 359
S. E. Webber  
*The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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