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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 135, 1998, pp. 1 - 373

IUPAC 38th Microsymposium on Recycling of Polymers

Prague, Czech Republic 1997

N. M. Bikales
Recycling of cheap packaging waste versus expensive engineering materials 1
S. Karlsson, A.-C. Albertsson*
Catalytic degradation of polyethylene and polypropylene to fuel oil 7
Y. Sakata
Co-pyrolysis of waste polymers with coal 19
P. Straka, J. Buchtele, J. Kovárová*
New approach to recycling of thermosets 25
J. E. Kresta*, H. X. Xiao, B. Suthar X. H. Li, S. P. Sun, D. Klempner
Stepwise pyrolysis for recycling of plastic mixtures 35
H. Bockhorn*, A. Hornung, U. Hornung
Integrated waste management - A pragmatic, by case-by-case approach optimizing recycling and energy recovery 43
D. Bürkle
Recyling of mixted automotive plastics 55
R. D. Deanin, C. M. Barry, S. Woramongconchai, S. C. Parikh
Technical methods in plastics pyrolysis 63
A. G. Buekens*, J. G. Schoeters

Polymer recycling - Status and perspectives

W. Michaeli, K. Breyer
Innovative concept for the upgrading of recyclates by restabitization and repair molecules 97
R. Pfaendner*, H. Herbst, K. Hoffmann
Polymer cracking - New hydrocarbons from old plastics 113
S. Hardman, D. C. Wilson
Recycled injection-molded and fibre -reinforced polyethylene/ polypropylene 121
B. Riedl
Recycling technology of poly(ethylene terephthatate) materials 129
C. C. Lin
New trends in chemical recycling of poly(ethylene terephthatate) 137
T. Spychaj*, D. Paszun
Recycling of polymeric composites 147
T. Mang*, F. Haulena
The role of additives in the recycling of polymers 157
F. P. La Mantia
The influence of recycling on the properties of wood fibre-ptastic composites 167
J. J. Balatinecz*, M. M. Sain
New chemical recycling methodologies: Hydrous pyrolysis to recover monomers from polyolefins 175
G. Audisio*, F. Bertini, P. L. Beltrame, L. Bergamasco, A. Castelli
Quality assurance of recycled engineering plastics using blend technology 183
C. Klason*, H. Bertilsson, X. Liu
Biodegradable materials - Present situation and future perspectives 193
C. Bastioli
Conversion of polymers and biomass to chemical intermediates with supercritical water 205
K. Arai
Degradabitity of biodegradable plastics under controlled composting conditions 215
K. Nakasaki
Ecological and economical aspects of polymer recycling 223
J. Brandrup
Chlorinated products of plastic pyrolysis 237
M. Blazsó
The origin and role of structural inhomogeneities and impurities in material recycling of plastics 247
J. Pospísil*, Z. Horák, Z. Krulis, S. Nespurek
Approaches to deal with the issue of plastic packages and the environment 265
J. Miltz
Food pollution by bilayer package with a recycled polymer: effect of some parameters 277
S. Laoubi, J. M. Vergnaud*, B. Mouffok  
Addendum: Papers from the IUPAC Working Party on Recycling of Polymers, Prague, July 1997  
Final report of the IUPAC working party on recycling of polymers 287
N. M. Bikales  
Polymer recycling: Thermodynamics and economics 295
R. S. Stein  
Collection of post-consumer plastics for recycling 315
M. M. Fisher, R. N. Liesemer  
Rubber recycling 327
H. Schnecko  
Plastics recycling: An Australian overview 245
R. W. Truss, J. H. O'Donnell  
Energy recovery 359
T. Akehata  
* The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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