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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 132, 1998, pp. 1 - 462

IUPAC International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization

Paris (France) 1997

H. Chéradame, J.-P. Vairon
Quo vadis ionic polymerizations 1
P. Sigwalt
The role of pyridine derivatives in living carbocationic polymerization: Lewis base or nucleophile? 11
Y. C. Bae, R. Faust*
Model kinetic study of TiC14-induced ionization of polyisobutene capped with diphenylethylene application to the synthesis of block copolymers 25
B. Charleux, M. Moreau, J-P. Vairon*, S. Hadjikyriacou, R. Faust
Tandem transition metal catalyzed isomerization and cationic polymerization 37
J. V. Crivello*, S. K. Rajararnan
Design of new polymer architectures by combination of anionic and cationic living polymerization techniques 45
A. Deffieux*, M. Schappacher
Poly(vinyl ethers) as building blocks for new materials 57
E. J. Goethals*, W. Reyntjens, S. Lievens
Open mechanistic problems of quasiliving carbocationic polymerization of olefins mediated by nucleophilic additive 65
B. Iván
The propagating species in living cationic polymerization: living nature and steric structure of polymers 75
S. Kanaoka, M. Sawamoto, T. Higashimura*

Transformation of "living" carbocationic and other polymerizations to controlled/"I iv in ng" radical polymerization

K. Matyjaszewski
Alkyl chloride-boron trichloride initiated polymerizations of isobutylene: detailed analysis of the initial propagation steps 103
H. Mayr*, M. Roth
Star-branched and hyperbranched polyisobutylenes 117
J. E. Puskas*, M. Grasmüller
Some still unsolved problems in carbocationic polymerization 127
P. Sigwalt
The roles of electron donors in the cationic polymerization 143
G. Wu, Y. Wu, W. Guo, G. Rao
Addition-fragmentation type initiators for cationic polymerization 153
Y. Yakci*, L. Reetz
Specific solvent effects of dioxane and N,N.N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine in the anionic polymerization of styrene with Li+ as counterion 165
J. Bastiaens, P. Huyskens, M. Van Beylen*
Synthesis of homo- and block copolymer multi-armed methacrylic star polymers by triisobutylaluminium/tert- butyllithium initiation 187
M. C. Crossman, D. M. Haddleton*
Anionic polymerization and copolymerization of macromonomers: kinetics, structure control 197
Y. Ederle, F. Isel, S. Grutke, P. J. Lutz*
Model block copolymers with complex architecture 207
N. Hadjichristidis* Y. Poulos, A. Avgeropoulos
Preparation of uniform stereoregular polymer, stereoblock polymer and copolymer of methacrylate, and their stereocomplex formation 221
K. Hatada*, T. Kitayama, K. Ute, T. Nishiura
Styrolux and Styroflex - from transparent high impact polystyrene to new thermoplastic elastomers. Synthesis, applications and blends with other styrene based polymers 231
K. Knoll*, N. Nießner
The anionic polymerization of dialkylaminoisoprenes - 5. Copolymerization with 1,3-butadiene 245
G. Mannebach, R. Bieringer R. Morschäduser R. Stadler*#
New o-µ ligands for the anionic polymerization of methacrylates in apolar medium 249
J. Marchal, M. Fontanille, Y. Gnanou*
Ligated anionic polymerization: an innovative Elf-Atochem technology for the polymerization of (meth)acrylates 263
C. Navarro*, X. Marcarian, B. Vuillemin
Stereoregular polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by dialkylmagnesium-quatemary ammonium salt adducts 273
C. P. Novakov, C. B. Tsvetanov*
Polymer synthesis using functionalized alkyllithium initiators: telechelic, heterotelechelic and functionalized star-branched polymers 281
R. P. Quirk*, S. H. Jang, H. Yang, Y. Lee
Novel initiating systems for the living polymerization of acrylates and methacrylates 293
H. Schlaad, B. Schmitt, A. H. E. Müller*, S. Jüngling, H. Weiss
Living anionic polymerization of (meth)acrylic esters: new mechanistic concepts and resulting materials 303
P. Teyssié*, J. Baran, P. Dubois, R. Jérome, J. Wang, J. Yu, Y. Yu, T. Zundel
Ylide mediated polymerization of methacrylates and acrylates in the presence of tetraphenylphosphonium cation 309
A. P. Zagala, D. Dimov, T. E. Hogen-Esch*
Optically active polymers of 3-alkylmalic acids: contribution of the bioconversion for diversifying the chiral precursors 337
M.-M.Bear, V. Langlois, M. Masure, P. Guerin
Copolyethers with controlled structure: mechanism of formation and microstructure 349
M. Bednarek, P. Kubisa*
Ionic polymerization in aqueous emulsion 359
A. De Gunzbourg, S. Maisonnier J.-C. Favier C. Maitre, M. Masure, P. Hémery*
Cationic equilibrium ring-opening polymerization of bicyclic monomers and its application to chemical recycling 371
T. Endo*, F. Sanda
Regioselective ring-opening anionic polymerization of ß-lactones 377
Z. Jedlinski
Synthesis of novel polymeric materials based on aliphatic polyesters by combination of different controlled polymerization methods 385
R. Jérome*, D. Mecerreyes, D. Tian, P. Dubois, C. J. Hawker M. Trollsas, J. L. Hedrick
Selectivity of siloxane-siloxane copolymer synthesis by ring opening polymerization 405
K. Kazmierski, M. Cypryk, J. Chojnowski*
Enzymatic ring-opening polyaddition for chitin synthesis: a cationic mechanism in basic solution? 415
T. Kiyosada, S. Shoda, S. Kobayashi*
Cationic polymerization of aliphatic cyclocarbonates 421
H. R. Kricheldorf*, B. Weegen-Schulz, J. Jenssen
Specific phenomena during the copolymerization of trioxane and ethylene oxide 431
J. Masamoto*, K. Matsuzaki
Intra - and intermolecular chain transfer to macromolecules with chain scission. The case of cyclic esters 441
S. Penczek*, A. Duda, R. Szymanski
Mechanism of particle formation and kinetics of the dispersion polymerization of cyclic esters 451
S. Slomkowski*, M. Gadzinowski, S. Sosnowski  
* The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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