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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 131, 1998, pp. 1 - 182

IUPAC 7 th International Symposium on Macromolecule-Metal Complexes,

The Netherlands 1997

W.L. Driessen
Synthetic resins as designable supports for metal-based chemistry: the issue of their nanomorphology and molecular accessibility 1
B. Corain * A. A. D'Archivio, L. Galantini, S. Lora, A. Tanatta,
E. Tettamanti
Amino acid functionalized ionomeric materials in biomedical applications 11
B. M. Culbertson*, D. Xie, A. Thakur
Macromolecule-metal complexes based on salts of unsaturated mono- and dicarboxylic acids: synthesis and characterization 19
G. I. Dzhardimalieva, A. D. Pomogailo *
Macromolecular metal complexes with memory to the catalyzed substrate 29
A. A. Efendiev
Metal ion effects in ionic copolymers 39
A, Eisenberg*, C. Bartels
Macrocyclic metal complexes as ladder polymers 49
M. Hanack*, P. Stihler
A novel redox system consisting of π-conjugated polymers and transition metals 59
T. Hirao*, M. Higuchi, S. Yamaguchi
Unique behaviors of polymers having metalloporphyrin as their side chains 69
M. Kamachi
Photoinduced water oxidation by polymeric iron cyanide complex 81
T. Abe, H. Shiroishi, K. Kinoshita, W. Kaneko*

Two-phase wacker oxidation of alkenes catalyzed by water-soluble macromolecular complexes of palladium

E. Karakhanov*, T. Filippova, A. Maximov, V. Predeina, A. Restakyan
Polymeric cobalt-Schiff-base and -porphyrin complexes as a dioxygen device 95
H. Nishide*, Y. Tsukahara, Y. Suzuki, E. Tsuchida*
Metal-catalyzed organosulfur cathodes for rechargeable lithium batteries 103
N. Oyama*, J. M. Pope, T. Tatsuma, 0. Hatozaki, F. Watsumoto, Q. Chi, S. C. Paulson, M. Iwaku
(Co)polymerization of metal-containing monomers as a way of MMC synthesis 115
A. D. Pomogailo
Efficient epoxidation of terminal and internal alkenes using T. -butylhydroperoxide catalysed by polybenzimidazole-supported Mo(VI).(PBI.Mo) 127
G. Olason, D. C. Sherrington *
Enhanced carrier-transfer in multi-layered organic thin film: application to electrochromism and electroluminescence 147
N. Toshima*, T. Tominaga
An overview on the development of macromolecule-metal complexes and brief sketch on their recent trends 155
E. Tsuchida
Nanosize metallodendrimers 165
F. C. J. M. van Veggel*, W. T. S. Huck, D. N. Reinhoudt
Development and some aspects of the present situation of macromolecule metal complexes 175
D. Wöhrie*, 0. Suvorova
* The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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