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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 130, 1998, pp. 1 - 410
International Symposium on Molecular Architecture for Degradable Polymers: Molecular Design of Polymeric Materials of Tomorrow

Symposium Editors, Ann-Christine Albertsson and Sigbritt Karlsson
Editor-in-Chief, Hartwig Hocker
Editors: W. Guth, B. Jung, I. Meisel, S. Spiegel
Wiley-VCH (1998), p
p. 1-410
ISBN 3-85739-327-0.


The IUPAC Symposium "Macromolecular Architecture for Degradable Polymers" was held June 10-13, 1997 at the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The meeting was sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Nobel Institute of Chemistry), Astra AB, Pharmacia-Upjohn AB, NUTEK and Bo Rydins Stiftelse för Vetenskaplig Forskning.

Presently, there is little control of the tertiary and quarternary structure of synthetic polymers. In nature, these two microstructural modes govern most fundamental processes associated with material "intelligence", i. e. the ability of materials to respond to changes in their environment. The aim of molecular architecture in polymer science is to control the properties of the material. Sophisticated biological properties for new materials, such as biocompatibility and membrane functionality, will demand additional, new molecular architecture. There are presently a great need for these biofunctional materials for the development of medical devices, biosensors and new materials for tissue engineering.

One hundred and sixty scientists from 25 countries gathered in Stockholm, Sweden, June 10- 13, 1997 to present, listen and discuss "Molecular Architecture for Degradable Polymers". Plenary lecturers, contributing speakers and poster presenters made the three days very interesting and motivating. The morning sessions were allocated to the plenary lectures and after lunch two parallel sessions were given. Twenty-one plenary lectures were invited along with contributing speakers and presenters. A total of 55 oral presentations were held during the meeting. Stockholm showed all our visitors its very best with a taste of tropical weather (temperatures were more than 30 oC during the days and 20 oC during the nights). Being so close to midsummer, this meant that the sun was visible nearly all through the night. During the symposium, an informal gettogether with a buffet was given at the Hotel Sheraton and over 90 people attended.

This volume of Macromolecular Symposia contains invited lectures, oral presentations and in some instances also papers from poster presentations.

We want to thank all active contributors and all the participants for making the symposium such a nice event. Those who have submitted their papers to this symposium are gratefully acknowledged.

Ann-Christine Albertsson, Sigbritt Karlsson

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