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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 129, 1998, pp. 1 - 172

12th Bratislava IUPAC International
Conference on Polymers: Modified
Polyolefins for Advanced Polymeric Materials

St. Petersburg, Russia 1997

E. Borsig
Novel polyolefin materials via catalysis and reactive processing 1
J. Suhm, J. Heinemann, C Wörner, P. Mülle,r F. Stricker, J. Kressler, J. Okuda, R. Mülhaupt*
Miscibility of crystalline and amorphous polymers: polyethylene/polyisobutylene blends 29
P Szabó, B. Pukánszky
Chemical modification of polymeric hydrocarbons 43
D. Braun, G. P Hellmann
Challenges in polypropylene by chemical modification 53
M. Rätzsch, H. Bucka, A. Hesse, N. Reichelt, E. Borsig
Molecular and mechanistic aspects of the functionalization of polyolefins with ester groups 79
F. Ciardelli, M. Aglietto, E. Passaglia, G. Ruggeri
Uniform polyolefin and polymethacrylate 89
K. Hatada* T Kitayama, K. Ute, T Nishiura
Surface modification of polyolefins by photografting of acrylic monomers 99
C. Decker K Zahouily
Developments in the synthesis of maleated polyolefins by reactive extrusion 109
T. Bray, S. Damiris, A. Grace, G. Moad* M. O'Shea, E. Rizzardo, G. Van Diepen
13C NMR study of the grafting of 13C labeled maleic anhydride onto PE, PP and EPM 119
W. Heinen*, M. Van Duin, C. H. Rosenmö1ler C. B. Wenzel,
H. J. M. de Groot, J. Lugtenburg

Modification of propylene-ethylene copolymers by reactive extrusion

R. A. Dionisi, M. D. Failla, M. A. Villar L. M. Quinzani, E. M. Vallés*
Effect of component interaction on the melting and crystallization characteristics of PE/PlB blends 137
P. Szabó, E. Epacher K. Belina, B. Pukánszky
The effect of crosslinking on mechanical properties of LDPE filled with organic fillers 151
I. Chodak, Z. Nogellova, B. V. Kokta
Behaviour of chlorosulfonated polyethylene under gamma irradiation 163
G. Ivan, M. Giurginca, T. Zaharescu*
* The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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