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Macromol. Symp., Vol. 128, 1998, pp. 1 - 254

IUPAC International Symposium on
"New Approaches in Polymer
Synthesis and Macromolecular Formation"

St. Petersburg, Russia 1997

A. Bilibin
Solid state interchain transesterification reactions in macromolecules 1
J. Economy* L. A. Schneggenburger
Synthesis of hyperbranched aromatic polyamides by direct polycondensation 13
S. Russo*, A. Boulares, A. Mariani
Novel styrene-butadiene block copolymers by sequential and statistical co-polymerization of corresponding macromonomers 21
D. Grande, J-L. Six, V Héoguez, Y Gnanou, M. Fontanille
Stereochemical aspects of the controlled ring-opening polymerization of chiral cyclic esters 39
N. Spassky*, C. Pluta, V. Simic, M. Thiam, M. Wisniewski
Polymerization of 1,3-dienes with neodymium catalysts 53
L. Porri* G. Ricci, N. Shubin
Synthesis of novel block copolymers through electron transfer system by SMl2 63
R. Nomura, T. Endo*
Reactions with samarium diiodide in polymer synthesis 71
Y. S. Vygodskii
Luminescence properties of PPV derivatives carrying anthracene pendent groups 79
J-I. Jin* S.-J Chung S.-H. Yu
New polymer architectures: recent results with polyrotaxanes 89
H. W Gibson* C. Gong, S. Liu, D. Nagvekar

Cyclic and linear liquid crystalline functionalized polyesters with main-chain ortho-linked units. Synthesis and characterization of cyclic LC unimers and dimers with "U"-shaped rigid mesogenic units with alkyl side chains

F. Navarro
Macrocyclic polymerization - A new approach to molecular engineering 121
H. R. Kricheldorf*, S.-R. Lee, S. Eggerstedt, K. Hauser
Synthons as building blocks in the synthesis of liquid crystalline multiblockcopolymers 131
Y. Bilibin *, N. V, Girbasova, A. V. Tenkovtsev
The synthesis of mesogenic polymers provoked by molecular mobility. Polysiloxanarylenes 145
S. Skorokhodov
New aspects in chemistry and characterization of poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogels 155
K. S. Kazanskii
Intelligent networks based on poly(oxyethylene) 165
B. Tsvetanov* R. Stamenova, D. Dotcheva, M. Doytcheva, N. Belcheva, J. Smid
Structural influences on the properties of aromatic polyamidines 183
F. Böhme *, C. Kunert, C. Klinger H. Komber
Novel branched blockcopolymers from poly(vinylpyridine) by chromium allyl compounds 195
P. P. Novakov* D. Kuckling, L. Fedorova, H.-J P Adler
Acid-catalyzed reactions in polyimide synthesis 203
A. A. Kuznetsov* A. Yu. Tsegelskaya, M. Yu. Belov, V.I. Berendyaev, S. V. Lavrov, G. K. Semenova, A. L. Izyumnikov, N. V. Kozlova, B. V. Kotov
Synthesis of "living" chains of polyvinylpyridine and their application to the construction of homo- and hybrid polymer with complex architecture 221
A. L. Erussalimsky* L. A. Fedorova, S. I. Klenin, L. A. Shibaev  
Design and preparation of liquid crystalline block copolymers 231
E. Chiellini* G. Galli, A. S. Angeloni, M Laus  
Controlled polymerization of cyclic esters. Structure of initiators and of active species related to the selectivity of initiation and propagation 241
St. Penczek* A. Duda, J. Libiszowski  
* The asterisk indicates the name of the author to whom inquiries should be addressed.

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