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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 3
May 2002


IUPAC Projects

Glossary for Toxicokinetics of Chemicals

At a Commission on Toxicology-VII.C.2 (COMTOX) meeting in Szeged, Hungary, in September 2000, the members present identified the lack of knowledge and confusion regarding terminology currently used in the field of toxicokinetics and chemistry as a problem for the development of the subject. Accordingly, a project called "Glossary for Toxicokinetics of Chemicals" was initiated within the Chemistry and Human Health Division. Further support was obtained for the project in July 2001 at the 41st IUPAC General Assembly in Brisbane, Australia. IUPAC is the world authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology and thus the projected glossary fits within its remit. The objective of the project is to compile definitions of the current terminology used in toxicokinetics, including, where relevant, information on chemical speciation, analytical methods, analytical equipment, and the biological activity of chemicals.

An appendix will give practical examples of situations where toxicokinetic data may be applied. The glossary will thus facilitate interdisciplinary research in toxicokinetics and contribute to a better understanding among the disciplines.

The task group is chaired by Monica Nordberg and the current members are Douglas M. Templeton and John H. Duffus. They will consult with scientists active in the fields of chemistry, toxicology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and biostatistics. Comments and suggestions from the chemistry and toxicology community for toxicokinetic terms to be included are welcome and should be addressed to [email protected].





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