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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 3
May 2002


IUPAC Projects

Standard Potentials of Radicals

Thermochemical properties of inorganic and organic radicals in solution will be the subject for review by a new IUPAC Task Group sponsored jointly by the Inorganic Chemistry Division and the Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division. The objective will be to review and evaluate a variety of thermodynamic properties, including standard potentials of radicals, pKa's of radicals, and other chemical equilibria of radicals, both in aqueous and non-aqueous media. Prior evaluations of these data were performed by individuals, in a rather non-systematic way, and are now quite out of date. Knowledge of these aqueous properties is essential in modeling the chemistry of atmospheric cloud water, terrestrial waters, radiation processes, and in understanding the fate and effects of radicals in living tissues.

Analogous data for nonaqueous systems will be of value in understanding the chemistry occurring in industrial processes, in energy-transduction technology, and other fields. Moreover, there is a synergy attained by having reliable data in both types of media. The task group, lead by Professor David M. Stanbury of Auburn University, USA, will establish a Web site where evaluations for individual radicals will be posted dynamically as they are generated. Upon completion of the project, the evaluations will be published in the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data and/or in Pure and Applied Chemistry. The task group will hold its first meeting near Zurich, Switzerland in early June 2002.





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