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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 1
January 2002


Web Reviews

Valid Analytical Measurement

The VAM (Valid Analytical Measurement) website has been developed by LGC under contract with the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as part of the National Measurement System. This site provides communication channels through which the UK analytical community and industry can access expert advice, information and products to help diagnose and solve measurement related problems.

Users of the site have access to a range of information and services including:

  • about VAM: find out more about VAM, learn how to implement the VAM principles and find out about the technical projects being undertaken
  • news and events: read the latest news, review the VAM Bulletin online and find out about forthcoming events
  • advice and information: seek technical advice online, review frequently asked questions, find help on a particular topic and use the interactive guidance on buying analytical services and selecting laboratories
  • publications: search the library of reports, papers, books and audio visual aids, download many reports & papers for free and buy books and other products online
  • training and education: find a suitable training course or seminar and book online, get guidance on laboratory skills and competencies, obtain training and teaching resources and find the latest events for universities, colleges and schools
  • communities: give your views on the bulletin boards and find out the latest from any VAM programme clubs or networks that you belong to. n



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