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Vol. 22, No.2, March 2000

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No. 2 (March)
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Chemistry International
Vol. 22, No. 2
March 2000

Reports from Commissions

Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry (VI.2)

Summary of Minutes of Commission Meeting at IUPAC General Assembly, Berlin, Germany, 9 August 1999

Eleven members of Commission VI.2, including Observers and National Representatives, met during the 40th IUPAC General Assembly in Berlin. It was the first meeting of Commission VI.2 since the one held during the successful IUPAC Conference on Degradation Processes in the Environment organized in May 1998 in Dubrovnik, Croatia together with the Commission on Water and Soil Chemistry (VI.3).

In Dubrovnik, the proposal for reorganization of IUPAC was announced for the first time, and Commission VI.2, together with Commission VI.3, expressed some concern in a letter sent to the President of the Chemistry and the Environment Division (DCE).

In Berlin, the minutes of the Dubrovnik meeting were accepted with corrections. Concerning the new organization of IUPAC, whereby the commissions cease to exist by the end of 2001, it was decided to go along with the new structure and task forces for new projects coming out of Commission VI.2. The new proposals will be submitted to the DCE during the General Assembly in Berlin and sent in to the Secretariat immediately afterwards.

The ongoing projects (project leaders are given in parentheses) were reviewed.

Commission VI.2 decided to have two continuous projects: i) "Articles on local environmental problems" (Hertel, Zhang, Klasinc), to be published by members in Chemistry International, and ii) the Internet web page of Commission VI.2 (Klasinc, Slanina), and concluded that most projects are finished or will be finished by 2001. Completed projects include the following:

i) "Development of diffusive samplers" (Brown), with a manuscript sent to Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) for publication

ii) "Modeling lifetime and degradability of organic compounds" (Klasinc), with conference proceedings to be published in PAC and in Chemosphere

iii) "Photocatalytic and catalytic effects on aerosol surface in the atmosphere" (Bazhin), presented and published in ii) and in Chemosphere

The project "Distribution and seasonal variation of regional ozone" (Akimoto) has been canceled by the project leader and projects on "Followup workshop measurement techniques in atmospheric chemistry" (Tavares) and "Photochemical reactions of coordination compounds in water droplets in the atmosphere" (Bazhin) have been extended.

Concerning cooperation with other Commissions, on the project with Commission V.8, "Chemicals in the atmosphere: Solubilities in aqueous media" (Schwartz), a book is in preparation with Wiley. The project with Commission I.4, "Aqueous solution kinetics data for atmospheric chemistry", will continue with a new leader from Commission VI.2 (Pienaar).

The new proposed task force projects and their leaders and duration (given in parentheses) are as follows:

1) "Glossary of atmospheric chemistry" (Schwartz, 1999-2001)

2) "Workshop on atmospheric deposition in Israel 2000" (van Grieken, 1999-2001)

3) "Local radiation balance: Influence of aerosol" (Slanina 1999-2002)

4) "Workshop on local air pollution in developing countries in Guanzhou" (Zhang, 1999-2001 or 2000-2002)

5) "Assessment of human exposure to outdoor pollution" (Hertel, 1999-2002)

Project 1 is a revision of the glossary published by J. Calvert in PAC in 1990; Projects 2-5 will be pursued in cooperation with Commission VI.3; with ECN and EU; interdivisionally and with IOCD and WHO; and with EU, respectively.

For 2000-2001, the membership of Commission VI.2 was recommended to comprise four Titular Members (the Chairperson acting also as member of the DCE Division Committee), five Associate Members, eight National Representatives, and three Observers.

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Leo Klasinc
Secretary, IUPAC Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry VI.2


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