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Committee on Chemistry Education

Number: 2005-002-2-050

Title: Micro-scale chemistry for student laboratories in India

Task Group
: Mrignaini

Members: Nirupama Jaimini, Anupam Kulsreshtha, Nargis Panchapakesan, and N.K. Uberoi

Completion Date: 2007 - project completed

Micro-scale approach has been widely accepted on ground of economy, safety, saving of time, ease of experimentation and so on. Unfortunately its acceptance for student laboratories in the developing world is not as widespread as it should be. This project aims at consolidating the beginning made in India for micro-scale kit design and for teacher training.

The well-known micro-scale expert from Sweden, Christer Gruvberg, conducted eight demo Workshops in March-April, 2004 for a hands-on demonstration of the efficacy of the micro-scale approach for school laboratories. This led to the formulation of a strategy for training teacher and also to the design of a local kit being marketed by a local entrepreneur.

This project will consolidate and expand the scope of the ongoing work through partnership with Industry for large-scale kit production and for design of a 'home-kit', and partnership -- under CCE auspices -- with international experts for designing a micro-scale program for South Asia.


Last update: 31 December 2007


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