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Number: 2004-030-1-020

Title: Frontiers of chemical sciences: research and education in middle eastern countries

Task Group
: Zafra M. Lerman

Peter W. Atkins, William F. Carroll, Catherine Costello, Mostafa El-Sayed, Ernest L. Eliel, Morton Z. Hoffman, Stanley S. Langer, John M. Malin, V. J. Shiner, Thomas J. Spiro, and Leiv K. Sydnes

Completion Date: 2005 - project completed


  1. To use the vehicle of a small symposium to bring together scientists from a number of countries in the Middle East in order to identify unique opportunities for collaboration among chemical scientists to solve environmental and educational problems.
  2. To attempt, via this symposium, to generate trust among scientific communities and to capture the attention of national governments on ways that chemistry can address the
    problems of the region.
  3. To build on the tremendous success of the first Malta conference [See project 2002-061-1-020].

The chemical sciences occupy a central position in the world economy, offering the possibility to cultivate mutual understanding through joint research projects and economic development. A general desire to improve the quality of life and political stability in the Middle East is being fulfilled by identifying unique opportunities for network creation and collaboration among chemical scientists to solve chemical, environmental and educational problems.

The American Chemical Society, IUPAC and the Royal Society of Chemistry will organize a second symposium including some 70 representatives primarily from Middle Eastern nations including Egypt, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates as well as France, Germany, Norway, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A principal goal of the second Symposium will be to continue to capture the attention of national governments by inviting the best qualified chemical scientists from those countries to discuss how chemistry can address the problems of the region.

in the news
> Science for Peace in the Middle East
-- C&EN, 10 Nov 2005 >http://pubs.acs.org/cen/news/83/i46/8346enotw8.html
-- C&EN, 19 Dec 2005, p. 53

> AAAS Honors Chemist Zafra Lerman For Efforts To Aid Persecuted Scientists (21 Dec 2005) [more]

> Frontiers science in the Middle East, Chem. Int. March-April 2006 issue, pp. 9-11.

project completed

Last update: 6 January 2006


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