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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 2004-002-1-600

Title: Glossary of terms related to pesticides

Task Group
Gerald R. Stephenson

Alan S. Felsot, Denis J. Hamilton, Patrick T. Holland, Jan B.H.J. Linders, Ronald Parker, and John Unsworth

Completion Date: 2006 - project completed

1. To develop a new glossary of the more than 300 terms relating to pesticides.
2. To publish it electronically to facilitate better international communication among researchers, regulatory authorities, toxicologists, agriculturalists and students.

Pesticides are a broad group of biologically active chemicals and organisms that are important for pest management and human health. Differences in the use of pesticide terminology still exist. These differences are an impediment to the increased international efforts to harmonize the regulation of pesticides on a world basis. The main reason for this problem is the interdisciplinary nature of the many professional groups dealing with pesticides e.g. synthetic chemists, formulation chemists, biochemists, entomologists, plant pathologists, weed scientists, eco-toxicologists, and health toxicologists. The emerging fields of bio-pesticides, biotechnology, eco-toxicological risk assessment and good laboratory practice are also having a major impact in this field. There is also an expanding need for better communication about pesticides in our educational institutions, the mass media, consumer groups, environmental groups and within the general public. These groups are all concerned with the many complex issues involving pesticides. There is an obvious and continuing need for a complete and current glossary of terms relating to pesticides that is internationally accepted and adopted for use among the many relevant disciplines and groups. This project to revise, expand and up date the glossary of terms related to pesticides, will be a major component of that process.

Our Task Group of seven scientists will make final decisions on terminology to be included and on the exact wording for each entry. However, we will rely heavily on the networking that is possible with the twenty members of our IUPAC Advisory Committee on Crop Protection Chemistry (ACCPC). They are scientists in government, industry or universities and come from eleven different countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America as well as Australia and New Zealand. As a group, they represent most of the scientific disciplines above and they all have a particular emphasis on pesticides in their work. Furthermore, most members of the group are very interdisciplinary in their focus. They are aware of the communication problems that exist , and, collectively, they have the needed expertise for clarification.

The current Glossary of Terms Related to Pesticides (Holland et.al., Pure Appl. Chem. 68(5)1167-1193, 1996) will be ten years old by the time this new glossary of terms can be published. However, it is an excellent resource and it will be distributed in electronic format to all members of our ACCPC. They will provide their own comments and solicit the comments of their colleagues in as many pesticide related fields as possible. A composite draft glossary will be circulated electronically for comment among our principal task group members returned to the Chair, edited and recirculated. Revised drafts of the glossary will be prepared for review and comment by all members of the ACCPC before its next scheduled meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica in February, 2005. A final draft of the glossary will be submitted for publication in time for distribution at the next International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry at Kobe, Japan in August, 2006.

A manuscript is being prepared for publication in Pure Appl. Chem. A final document was submitted to public review comments until 31 May 2006.> see provisional recommendations

Project completed - IUPAC Recommendations published in Pure Appl. Chem. 78(11), 2075-2154, 2006.

Last Update: 25 October 2006

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