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Number: 2003-058-1-600

Title: Air pollution models in environmental management and assessment

Task Group
Ole Hertel

Jørgen Brandt and Jes Fenger

Air pollution models are strong and necessary tools in environmental management. The aim is to describe the methodology behind application of mathematical models in various assessments of air pollution impacts. The book provide guidelines for avoiding incomplete or even incorrect answers when models are applied. How to select the right type of models for a given purpose and ensure they work properly with appropriate input data of the needed quality etc?

This project was presented at a poster session at the IUPAC Congress/GA July 2005
>view pdf - 233KB<

A draft of the book contents includes:


  1. Introduction
    General principles of air pollution models, model types, atmospheric scales, parameterisations, hind casting, now casting and forecasting.

  2. Basics of air pollution models
    2.1 Physical processes
    2.2 Atmospheric chemistry
    2.3 Handling input data
    2.4 Validation
    2.5 Presentation of results

  3. Terrestrial environment
    3.1 Assessment of atmospheric deposition
    3.2 Determination of critical loads
    3.3 Examples of studies
    3.4 Perspectives

  4. Marine environment
    4.1 Assessment of atmospheric deposition
    4.2 Source budgets
    4.3 Impact on eutrophication
    4.4 Perspectives

  5. Human exposure
    5.1 Assessment of human exposure
    5.2 Determination of health impact
    5.3 Examples of studies
    5.4 Perspectives

  6. Climate studies

  7. Arctic environment

  8. Perspectives in air pollution modelling



Last Update: 1 June 2004

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