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Analytical Chemistry Division (V)


Number: 2003-037-1-500 (previous 540/19/95)

Title: Optical Biosensors and Bioprobes

Series: Nomenclature, Symbols, and Units in Spectrochemical Analysis, part XX

Task Group
T. Vo-Dinh

Members: D. Thévenot, G.G. Gauglitz, J. Wilkinson, and W. Lukosz

Completion Date: 2007 - project abandoned

The development of optical biosensors has recently gained increasing interest for important environmental and biological applications. Optical biosensors combine several critical components including a bioreceptor (e.g., enzyme, antibody, gene probe), an excitation light source and an optical detector or optical transducer. Optical biosensors take advantage of the excellent selectivity of the bioreceptor and the outstanding sensitivity of optical detection methods. This project will define terms and nomenclature related to optical biosensors. Collaborative interactions will be pursued with other Commissions and Working Groups which are involved in aspects related to biosensors.

project abandoned

Last Update: 8 January 2007


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