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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 2003-030-1-600 (supersede 1999-033-1-600)

Title: Glossary of atmospheric chemistry

Task Group
T. Cvitas

J.G. Calvert, L. Klasinc, and T.M. Tavares

Completion Date: 2007 - project abandoned

Prepare a glossary along the recommendations given by the ISO and ICTNS.

A comprehensive Glossary of Terms pertinent to atmospheric chemistry was prepared and reviewed and published by IUPAC more than a decade ago (Calvert, Pure Appl. Chem., 62(11), pp.2167-2219, 1990). This activity will update that glossary to include terms that have become important subsequent to publication of that document (as well as omissions) and as necessary amend or elaborate previously presented definitions. Widely used or generally accepted acronyms will also be included. Review and resolution of conflicts will be by Division on Chemistry and the Environment in the first instance followed by ICTNS.

This project was presented at a poster session at the IUPAC Congress/GA July 2005
>view pdf - 233KB<

January 2004 - The 1990 version is available and comments from the interested atmospheric chemistry community are invited.

> World Wide Web version <
Visitors to this page are invited to send comments to [email protected] with subject line "IUPAC Glossary".

Dec 2007 - project abandoned


Last Update: 13 December 2007


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