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Number: 2002-028-1-300

Title: South East Asian, and neighbouring countries, Green Chemistry Network

Task Group Chairman: Janet L. Scott

Members: Stephanie G. Burton, Kin Shing Chan, Fabian M. Dayrit, Qing-Xiang Guo, Chee-Cheong Ho, Mazaahir Kidwai, Sunggak Kim, T.P. Loh, Christopher R. Strauss, Supawan Tantayanon, and Laurence Weatherley

Completion Date: project abandoned

To develop a South East Asia and Neighbouring Countries Green Chemistry Network for the purposes of facilitating greater collaboration in research and education in Green Chemistry throughout the region.

The 'S.E. Asia and Neighbouring Countries Green Chemistry Network' would be a body designed to actively promote the development of Green Chemistry, at both a research and educational level. The network, which would be held together by strands of student exchange, would be designed to foster the development of greater collaboration between complementary research efforts in neighbouring countries, with the goal of providing local industries with better access to developments at the forefront of Green Chem research in the context of each nation's current state of industrialisation.

The primary goal would be to facilitate the development of truly collaborative research projects by: i) effecting dual supervision of research students, and actual translocation to the partner's laboratories, during the course of their postgraduate degrees. ii) development of a database of researchers active in Green Chemistry in the region (listing their affiliations, expertise, major research areas and other pertinent information) to allow effective dissemination of information and the building of teams of collaborating research groups designed to provide task groups focused on specific research problems which are either, unique to the region, or are of major interest to industries in the region; iii) maintenance of an up-to-date website where scientists and other interested parties access information about activities of the network participants; iv) meetings at international conferences or virtual meetings via electronic media; v) distribution of newsletters and bulletins describing activities and opportunities and providing a forum for exchange of information.

This network will serve to: a) promote high quality collaborative research in Green Chemistry in the region; b) assist chemistry related industry in its contributions to sustainable development and wealth creation, thereby improving quality of life; c) facilitate effective channels of communication in the regional, and the greater international, chemistry community; d) assist in promoting the service of chemistry to society in all participating nations; e) enhance education in Green Chemistry by encouraging resource sharing and exchange of ideas; f) aid in the career development of young chemists by exposing them to a range of researchers with diverse but complimentary areas of expertise across national boundaries; and g) encourage information dissemination by both formal and informal means.


project abandoned

Last update: 2 May 2007


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