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Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (VIII)


Number: 2001-014-1-800

Title: Fullerene nomenclature - part II

Task Group
W.H. Powell

Members: F. Cozzi, C. Thilgen, and P.M. Giles

Remarks: see Part I > project 310/24/98

Completion Date: 2005 - project completed


  1. Extend the principles for numbering the C60-Ih- and C70-D5h(6)-fullerenes to be published to other axial fullerenes and to develop numbering principles for nonaxial fullerenes.
  2. To develop a method for uniquely naming fullerenes with degenerate symmetry point group symbols.
  3. Extend the principles for describing stereochemical configuration of single component fullerenes and their derivatives to be published [see (1) above] to multicomponent fullerenes and, if possible, to structurally modified fullerenes.
  4. To finish this work as quickly as possible. Absence of systematic numbering recommendations will lead to a variety of names, IUPAC, CAS, and trivial. The nucleus of the team given above has worked well together, has produced results with allotted times and can finish this project within the two year time frame.

Names and numbering recommendations for C60-Ih- and C70-D5h(6)-fullerenes, for skeletal modifications of these two extremely common fullerenes, for substitutive derivatives, and for organic fused ring and bridged derivatives is to be published later this year as Part I of publications on nomenclature of fullerenes [see project 310/24/98]. Recommendations for describing stereochemical configurations for C60-Ih- and C70-D5h(6)-fullerenes and their derivatives is also included.

Now it is necessary to extend the numbering principles established for the C60-Ih- and C70-D5h(6)-fullerenes to as many of the other known and postulated fullerenes as possible, so that the nomenclature of derivatives and a configurational description of chiral fullerenes recommended in Part I can be applied to all fullerene derivatives as they become known. An initial draft of proposals for numbering fullerenes other than C60-Ih- and C70-D5h(6)-fullerenes has been prepared and should be ready for discussion at the first opportunity for a meeting of the working group. Other phases of the project will be initiated in order to be developed for consideration during a first meeting of the working group.

A draft document is submitted to public review comments until 31 August 2004 > see provisional recommendations

project completed - IUPAC Recommendations published in Pure Appl. Chem. 77(5), 843-923, 2005

Last update: 9 May 2005


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