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Chemrawn Committee


Number: 2001-007-1-021

Title: CHEMRAWN XV - Chemistry for Water

Coordinator(s): R. Hamelin

Remarks: Collaborative venture with UNESCO, UNEP and Maison de la Chimie (Paris)

Completion Date: 2004 - project completed

Chemical sciences and technologies are needed to resolve water-related problems and issues such as scarcity, purification, waste treatment, control, and analysis.. This conference will explore the latest scientific and engineering approaches to these problems and issues to develop world-wide strategies and policy recommendations, focusing on the common interests of academic institutions, corporations, governmental agencies and the general public.


  1. Define scientific gaps, research priorities, economic and social priorities in order to provide decision makers in governments, industry, academia, and especially the mass media with the chemical knowledge required for understanding the present and future role of chemistry in resolving water- related problems and issues.
  2. Conduct an objective assessment of the technical state-of-the-art in chemistry and chemical engineering in the domains of fresh water availability and avoiding water pollution.
  3. Formulate a series of Proposals and Recommendations by the Future Actions Committee for wide distribution.

The venue is arranged to take place in Paris, France at the Maison de la Chimie in June 21-23, 2004.

Proposed Workshops:

  • Analytical chemistry for waters: Progresses in chemical and biochemical methods for quality assessment - Biosensors and "lab-on-a-chip" - Identification of water contaminants - Security of water supply systems - New microbiological methods.
  • Chemistry, agriculture, soils and water: New technologies to optimize uses of water in agriculture - Pollution of soils and underground waters - Sustainable concepts relating to water uses and pollution treatments - Soil remediation.
  • Chemistry, industry and water: Green chemistry - Saving water in chemical industries - Innovative industrial processes relating to water pollution and water uses.
  • Water treatments and supply: New technologies for drinking water production, storage and transport - Waste-water treatments and reuse - Desalination - New developments in oxydation or adsorption processes and membrane treatments.
  • Chemistry and specific uses of water: Prospection and exploitation of fresh-water sources - Marine pollution - Water conditioning in industrial systems - Materials and equipment in contact with water - Security problems.
  • Case studies: International experiences.

Organizing Committee:

Chairman of the Conference: Prof. Pierre Potier, Member of the French Academy of Sciences; President, Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Dr. Pierre Fillet, Member of he French Academy of Technology

Secretary: Mr. Jacques Hui, Maison de la Chimie Foundation

Treasurer: Mr Poite, Maison de la Chimie Foundation

- Dr. Thierry Chambolle, Former scientific adviser of the Suez Group
- Prof. Jean-Baptiste Donnet, Past President of the French Chemical Society
- Prof. Raymond Hamelin, Member of the CHEMRAWN Committee
- Prof. Yves Levy, Secretary of the International Scientific Committee
- Mr. Claude Mordini, Parlementary assistant
- Dr. Teniere-Buchot, Senior adviser for water at the UNEP
- to be named, Representatve of "M2C", company on charge of the organization.

International Scientific Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Alan Hayes G.B., Past President of IUPAC, Past President of t the CHEMRAWN Committee

Secretary: Prof. Yves Levy, F, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Paris

- Dr Pascal Bonne, F, Director of Research, Veolia Group
- Prof. Michael Droescher, D, Senior Vice-President Corporate Innovation Management DEGUSSA AG, Member of the COCI Committee
- Prof. Gheorghe Duca, Moldova, Member of the Academy of Science Minister of Ecology and Territorial Development of the Republic of Moldova
- Prof. Yonichi Gohshi, J, Chairman of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
- Dr. Dennis L. Hjeresen, USA, Director of the Green Chemistry Institute, ACS
- Mrs. Aloisi de Larderel, PNUE, Director, division Technology, Industry and Economy
- Prof. Patrick Moyna, Uy, Montevideo University, Member of the CHEMRAWN Committee
- to be designated, Suez group
- Prof. Alex. Pokrovsky, UNESCO, Director, section Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences
- Dr. Alan Smith, G.B., Former Director of Research of Laporte Ltd. (G.B.), Member of the Committees CHEMRAWN and COCI
Dr. A. Szöllösi-Nagy, UNESCO, Assistant General Director

> conference announcement

> press coverage
- C&EN, 19 July 2004, p. 25
- Chem Int, Sep/Oct 2004, p. 26

> Perspectives and Recommendations
Edited by Association Chimie et Eau, 2006

- Statistics and information from WHO

- CHEMRAWN - History and Effectiveness, by J. Malin

Last update: 3 May 2007

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