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Committee on Chemistry Education

Number: 2001-003-5-050

Title: Organisation of Clearing House for the translation, publication, and dissemination of the IUPAC-sources materials and ideas in chemical education in Russia and CIS.

Task Group
: Elena S. Gryzlova

Members: Nina A. Kozyreva and Anna A. Dodonova

Improvement of professional skill of teachers in secondary school, high school, polytechnics, and colleges with the help of the translation and dissemination of available educational materials from different sources to these educational institutes.

The main goal of the Project is to eliminate the present gap in teaching of chemistry between fundamental science and curricula. New educational technologies and methods as well as foreign scientific magazines such as Chemistry International and Pure and Applied Chemistry are not available for school teachers and even in high school in Russia and CIS. Chemistry teachers often haven't got an access to Internet. That's why it is necessary to involve an intermediary organisation in Moscow for the dissemination of IUPAC-sources educational materials and practices approved by CCE. Clearing House could become such an organisation. This Clearing House will receive educational materials and recommendations from the National Representative in CCE and then translate, publish and disseminate them to educational institutes in Russia and CIS with mail, e-mail, Internet, in TV programs, by publications in Russian newspapers and magazines and so on, and at innovative workshops. Necessary methodological literature to be translated into Russian, prepared, and published. Our goal is to give them recommendations regarding textbooks that should be published. It will be the work completely corresponding to the IUPAC strategy; for example, publishing "green chemistry", books on toxicology. Positive example is Salters Advanced Chemistry textbook. Organising workshops for teachers and any other audience to spread information is one of the dissemination forms. The House of Sciences of RAS in Moscow could be one of the places for permanent workshops. In the meantime wide educational reform is going in Russia and IUPAC recommendations are very important so they could be used in this reform. That is why it is very important to organise such a Clearing House now.

The Clearing House has been be set up at the UNESCO Associated Center for Chemical Science and Education.
> website (in Russian) <http://gh.muctr.ru>

For an interim report, see Chem Int. July-Aug 2004.
A final report appeared in Chem Int. Nov-Dec 2006.

Project completed

Last update: 17 August 2006

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. Sept. 2003>


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