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Number: 2000-022-1-200

Title: Characterization of carbon materials

Task Group
H.P. Boehm

Members: F.S. Cannon, D.D. Edie, P. Ehrburger, W. Hellemans, M. Inagaki, J. Lahaye, C.A. Leon y Leon, A. Lizzio, B. McEnaney, I. Mochida, J.W. Patrick, N. Pollack, B. Rand, and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

Remarks: re-initiation of project 232/1/91 - Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials and New Carbons

Completion Date: 2006 - project abandoned

Compilation and comparison of the various national standards for the characterization of carbon materials and their precursors.

The various standards used for the characterization of carbon materials and precursors by different standards organizations (ASTM, ISO, British Stand-ards, AFNOR-France, DIN-Germany, JIS-Japan) will be collected, compiled, and compared. The project will identify standard procedures needing updating and areas needing new standards proce-dures. Although largely similar, the various national standards differ in details of the measurements etc. Such differences have often a marked influence on the characterization data. This is often cause of disagreement in international cooperation or commerce. A compilation of the various standards can help to recognize the causes for diverging results. Such a compilation has been published several years ago by W.S. Horton in Pure Appl. Chem. 1979, 51, 1561-1574.

Updating and extension of that earlier IUPAC effort to include additional standards and technical devel-opments during the intervening two decades is needed.

The first step, collection of data from the various national standards, is completed to a great extent.

project abandoned

Last Update: 8 September 2006

<project announcement published in Chem. Int. 23(2) 2001>

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