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Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division (III)
Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division (I)


Number: 2000-012-1-300

Title: Single molecule spectroscopy

Task Group
F.C. De Schryver

Completion Date: 2007 - project abandoned

As the area of single molecule spectroscopy is an exploding one touching many interdisciplinary topics, it is of great importance to have an internationally accept set of terms and methods accessible to those entering the field of having within their specialty to deal with notions of this spectroscopy.

One of the new emerging areas of photophysics and spectroscopy is that dealing with the (excited state) properties of a single molecule. The methodologies involved based on near field or far field confocal spectroscopy and eventually other scanning probe techniques is rapidly spreading from a more localized and physics oriented research community to a much broader and multidisciplinary one including to large extent organic, analytical inorganic, macromolecular and biochemistry. There is a need to have, for young researchers or for those entering or getting in contact with these new methodologies, a "primer" clearly stating the basic aspects of the methods and of the terms involved and making the link with the much better know ensemble world.

project abandoned

Last update: 12 March 2007


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