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Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (VIII)
Polymer Division (IV)


Number: 1999-051-1-800 (previous 1999-051-1-400)

Title: Nomenclature for chemically modified polymers

Task Group
T. Kitayama

Members: A. Fradet, P. Hodge, K. Horie, R. G. Jones, J. Kahovec, P. Kubisa, C. Ober, J. Vohl´┐Żdal , and M. Vert, E. S. Wilks

Systematic source-based nomenclature for modified polymers is needed to facilitate communication between scientists; the existing structure-based nomenclature is cumbersome and inadequate for describing some polymer modifications.

Besides many polymers produced by direct transformation of monomer(s) through a polymerization process, commercial products containing modified polymers, which are produced by chemical modification of their precursor polymers, have been available for well over 75 years, and they continue to be commercially important. A process-based nomenclature system is described for modified polymers, which intentionally indicates that a particular polymer to be named has been chemically modified.

A connective within a name of a polymer, -mod-, is introduced for this nomenclature as poly(A-mod-B). The nomenclature embraces

  1. in situ modification of one constitutional unit to another;
  2. modification by addition of functional groups at partly or completely unknown sites, and
  3. modification of a polymer in such a way that specific structural details of the change are unknown.

May 2006 - The introduction of new nomenclature and terminology as indicated above requires further careful consideration and extended discussion beyond that which was envisaged when the project started. An extension has been approved to facilitate completion of this project and under the new charimanship of T. Kitayama.

Last update: 17 April 2007


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