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Analytical Chemistry Division (V)


Number: 1999-044-2-500

Title: Terminology for the description of peak asymmetry in chromatography

Task Group
Jan Åke Jönsson

Member: Roger M. Smith

Completion Date: 2006

To make recommendations of definitions and terms for the description of the symmetry of peaks in chromatography separations.

The aim is to clarify the range of terms used to define the shape of peaks following chromatographic separations. Currently the different expressions and definition can cause confusion and ambiguity. Different data handling systems can report different values for the same peaks because different calculation methods have been employed. The project with bring together views from interested parties and recommend terms and definitions to be used.

Two letters to editors describing the problem of asymmetry calculation ambiguity and inviting to discussion were published:
J.Å. Jönsson , Towards a consensus on calculating peak asymmetry. LCGC North America, 2002, 20:920 and LCGC Europe, 2002, 16:772. As a result, a number of e-mails were received, unfortunately not providing a clear consencus on the matter. A final report is in preparation.

> Nov 2004 report update (pdf file - 11KB)

> May 2006 - project merged within 2001-063-1-500

project abandoned

Last update: 26 May 2006


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