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Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)


Number: 1999-009-1-600

Title: Pesticide Residues in Food: Acute Dietary Exposure

Task Group
D. Hamilton

A. Ambrus, A. Felsot, R. Gonzalez, C. Harris, H. Kuiper, B. Petersen, S. Reynolds, K. Racke, Sue-Sun Wong

Completion Date: 2003 - project completed

To propose data requirements and methods of evaluation suitable for estimating the acute dietary exposure of pesticide residues in food.

Problem Statement - Although human dietary exposure assessment of pesticide residues has been of interest for some time, the focus of current assessment schemes is on lifetime dietary consumption of average residue levels. These schemes are relied upon by international advisory bodies, national government agencies, the food industry, and private industry for the evaluation of the safety of food residues resulting from both currently approved pesticide uses and those that may result from proposed or future uses. Results of monitoring data indicate that pesticide residue levels in individual units/servings of fruit or vegetables, that may be consumed at a single meal or during a single day, may vary considerably from the average residue level. For acutely toxic pesticide residues, this has raised concerns that current dietary exposure assessment schemes may not be adequate for protection of public health. At present, there is a lack of standardized approaches for international and national acute dietary exposure assessment for pesticide residues as well as clear definition of the data requirements for such schemes.

Methodology - The project will examine available field residue trial and monitoring data on the distribution of pesticide residues in individual fruits and vegetables. Data sources will include the peer-reviewed published literature, reports from government monitoring programs, and proprietary data generated by pesticide manufacturers and industry associations. Information on the approaches being considered or developed by research groups and national regulatory agencies will be collected and assessed. The utility and data requirements of both deterministic and probabilistic approaches to exposure assessment will be evaluated. The final work product will be a proposed set of data requirements and standardized methods for evaluation of the acute dietary exposure of pesticide residues in food.

Following development of a preliminary workplan by the Task Group, a workshop will be held to review available data and current approaches, seek input on the specific needs of the customer/client groups, and generate a final workplan for the Task Group.

Resulting publication:
Hamilton, D.; Ambrus, A.; Dieterle, R.; Felsot, A.; Harris, C.; Petersen, P.; Racke, K.; Wong, S-S., Gonzalez, R.; Tanaka, K. ; Earl, M.; Roberts, G.; Bhula, R. Pesticide Residues in Food:
Acute Dietary Exposure. Pest Management Science 60, April 2004, vol. 60, no. 4, pp. 311-339(29) .
DOI 10.1002/ps.865

Project completed

Last Update: 13 July 2005


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