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Macromolecular Division (IV)


Number: 410/25/95

Title: Asymmetric Polymerization

Coordinator(s): K. Hatada and J. Kahovec

Remarks: Collaboration with Commission III.1

Completion Date: 2002 - project completed

Many optically active polymers have been synthesized through asymmetric polymerization reactions from optically inactive monomers. The basic definitions of terms relating to polymerization reactions have been published in IUPAC documents, but no explicit reference has been made to reactions involving the asymmetric synthesis of polymers. As a result, several names have been used for the same type of industrially-important asymmetric polymerization processes and this leads to confusion and prevents a better understanding of asymmetric polymerizations. The aim of this document is to define unified terms relating to polymerization processes which involve chirality and which proceed in an unsymmetrical manner under the influence of chiral features present in monomer, initiator, catalyst and solvent.

A new draft was prepared by the Working Party after the discussion at the Geneva meeting of the Commission in 1997 and was thoroughly discussed at the Sydney meeting in 1998, with particular emphasis on the consistency with organic-chemistry nomenclature and correct English. A new version was prepared by the Working Party after consultation with authorities on asymmetirc polymerisation. The final version was discussed and approved in Berlin and is being sent out to Outside Experts in September, 1999.

A revised document is submitted to public review comments until 30 April 2001
> see provisional recommendations

Project completed - IUPAC Recommendations 2001 published in Pure Appl. Chem. 74(6), 915-922, 2002.

Last update: 19 July 2002

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