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Chemistry and Human Health Division (VII)


Number: 720/4/93

Title: Exposure Assessment and Decision Rules in Compliance Testing for Implementation of Exposure Limits

Coordinator(s): J.M. Christensen, R.F.M. Herber, E. Olsen and E. Holst

Completion Date: 2001 - project completed

Recommendations for correct use of data for assessment of exposure in epidemiology is highly needed. Previously established data often concern control of exposure, and as such cannot be used for epidemiological purposes. Measurements in control situations are carried out in the worst cases and are obsolete for estimation of exposure in general. CEN 137 gives recommendations on control measurement but it should be stressed that such data should not be used in epidemiology where dose-response relationships are investigated. When implementing analytical data, their understanding influences a decision and therefore in recent years much concern has been expressed about the performance of analytical methods. However, a corresponding evaluation of compliance testing, according to international standards, has not been performed. The overall aim of the project is to ensure unbiased selection of data for epidemiological purposes and to describe decision rules for implementation of exposure limits, taking into consideration existing standards e.g. ISOTAG4.

project completed - A manuscript entitled 'Rules for stating when a limiting value is exceeded' is published the journal of Accreditation and Quality Assurance 7: 28-35 (2002). A brief summary is published in Chem. Int. July 2003.


Last Update: 1 July 2003


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