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News & Notices

Minutes of 131st Meeting of Executive Committee
Bangalore, India, 3-4 April 2004

<download the 131st EC meeting minutes - pdf file 47KB>


1. Introductory Remarks and Finalization of Agenda
2. Minutes of 130th Meeting of Executive Committee

2.1 Matters Arising from Minutes (Not Covered by Items on Agenda)

3. Action Items from Previous Meetings
4. Vice President's Critical Assessment
5. Union Advisory Committee
6. GSC Proposals: Future Actions
7. Membership Development Committee
8. Finance Committee

8.1 Report from Finance Committee Meeting, 9 Feb 2004
8.2 Statement of Accounts for 2003
8.3 Review of Budget for 2004-5
8.4 National Subscriptions
8.4.1 NAOs and ANAOs in Default
8.4.2 National Subscriptions for 2004-5

9. Plans and Schedule for GA/Congress, Beijing, 2005
10. IUPAC Prize
11. Conferences and Symposia

11.1 New Program for Conferences in Developing Countries and on New Directions in Chemistry
11.2 Ratification of Sponsorship of Symposia
11.3 IUPAC Poster Prizes

12. Fellows and Affiliate Membership Programs
13. Status Report on IUPAC Secretariat
14. Publications

14.1 Status Report Chemistry International
14.2 Status Report Pure and Applied Chemistry
14.3 Book Publication and Book Sales

15. IUPAC Web Site and Publicity about the Union
16. Value of Chemistry Web Site
17. Propagation of Chemistry Task Force
18. IUPAC Bodies

18.1 Ratification of Memberships Approved by Correspondence
18.2 Funding for Commission II.1

19. Projects

19.1 Summary of Current Status: Commitments, Expenditures, and Under review

20. Name and Symbol of Element 111
21. Interactions with Other Organizations

21.1 UNESCO and ICSU
21.2 UNIDO and IAEA

22. "Strategic Challenges"
23. Dates and Place of Next Executive Committee Meeting
24. Any Other Business

Present: Prof. L. K. Sydnes (Chairman), Prof. C. Bai (first day, Items 1-12), Prof. D. StC. Black, Prof. B. R. Henry, Prof. O. M. Nefedov, Dr. E. P. Przybylowicz, Prof. P. S. Steyn

Absent: Dr. C. F. Buxtorf

Secretary: Dr. J. W. Jost

<download the 131st EC meeting minutes - pdf file 47KB>


> See also brief report as published in Chem. Int. - Jul-Aug 2004 issue

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