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New Paid Affiliate Members Mean More Sponsored Affiliates in Developing Countries

As a step in expanding and revitalizing the Affiliate Membership Program, IUPAC will support one new Sponsored Affiliate in a developing country for each new paid Affiliate membership. Secretary General Ted Becker announced the new policy by saying:

"Most chemists are concerned about the enhancement of our profession in developing countries and recognize that IUPAC affiliation is often a lifeline for chemists who are well trained and who are trying to pursue chemistry under adverse conditions. With the present base of 4,000 paid Affiliates, we have determined that with economies of scale, we can afford to sponsor one additional Affiliate in a developing country for each additional paid Affiliate above 4,000. We shall welcome proposals of specific names from new Affiliates, but otherwise IUPAC will work with chemical societies and other groups in developing countries to identify deserving chemists as sponsored Affiliates."

Currently there are about 4200 paid Affiliate Members and about 500 Sponsored Affiliates. Becker pointed out in his presentation to the Council in Brisbane that "We are dependent on our National Adhering Organizations and national chemical societies in all major countries for running the Affiliate Membership Program." He said that IUPAC Officers will help and encourage the National Adhering Organizations to increase their Affiliate membership. He cited the flexibility of the new project system as one additional incentive for chemists to become Affiliates and to participate actively in IUPAC activities.
IUPAC, 29 Oct 2001

<published in Chem. Int. 24(1) 2002>

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