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Financial Support for Symposia and Conferences in Developing and Economically Disadvantaged Countries


In Berlin the IUPAC Council approved a program [for a four-year trial period] of providing financial support of up to USD 10,000 to no more than two international conferences each year to be held in developing or economically disadvantaged countries that are full Members of IUPAC in good standing. IUPAC funds are to be used to pay international travel expenses of eminent invited lecturers whose participation will be critical to the success of the conference.

> See more information such as Purpose - Eligibility - etc.

The Bureau has not prepared a list of countries that are specifically eligible, because the criteria of "developing" and "economically disadvantaged" are not firm, and economic circumstances (including currency exchange rates) often vary rather rapidly. IUPAC invites applications widely and leaves it up to the conference organizers making the application to provide adequate justification to the selection committee, which comprises members of the Bureau.

Application should be submitted to the Secretariat, preferably in electronic form, with a copy to the relevant NAO. Because the program is just beginning, IUPAC will accept applications this year until August 31 for conferences in 2001; the normal application deadline will be January 31 of the year preceding the conference.

> For more information and Application form, visit http://www.iupac.org/symposia/support.html

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