The International Congress on Catalysis, Inc., a corporation of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., organized the first International Congress in Philadelphia in 1956 and participated in the planning of subsequent congresses in Paris in 1960 and Amsterdam in 1964, with the objective of furthering the science and technology of catalysis. In view of the continuing and growing interest in catalysis, it was agreed to establish an international organization originally called International Congress on Catalysis, but its name has been changed in 1996 to International Association of Catalysis Societies, IACS.

International Congresses on Catalysis

The International Congress on Catalysis (ICC) has been held at four-yearly intervals since1956 in various venues in Europe, America and Asia. The 11th ICC was held in Baltimore, USA in 1996, the 12th ICC in Granada, Spain in 2000, and the 13th ICC in Paris, France on 11-16 July 2004 <>.

The next ICC will be hosted by Korea in 2008, from July 12 to July 18; <>

The Council of IACS
The operation of the International Association of Catalysis Societies is carried on by a Council and an Executive Committee. The Council is composed of duly delegates of member countries or group of countries, two per country. The Council meets once every four years at the time of each Congress, and is responsible for electing Officers (Executive Committee), selecting the next Congress venue, and formulating general policy, including the ratifying of any amendments to the Constitution. At present, the Council has members drawn from some 25 countries and a total complement of about 50. < Click here more details >

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