The story so far...

I was born in Italy the 6 july of 1970 and I was always attracted by graphic arts: lots of comics, especially manga. I taught myself how to draw, and never studied perspective. I guess I done right naturally. :)

After hi-school I wasn't convinced to follow the graphic way, you know fear of not make anough money and stuff. So I was started studies in in - guess what? Chemistry!

Wrong choice: after while I realized that it just wasn't my thing. So I decided to go and graduate (I was far too long on the way to stop) and in the meantime began to play with computer graphics - it was 1997 or such.

Started with CorelDraw7, Bryce2, 3D Studio Max2. Then learned Photoshop, Cinema4D, Painter.

Now I'm employed in a small graphic studio, where I do color correction, compositing (Photoshop) and 3D for pre-visualization of furniture photography for advertising (Cinema4D).

More than, though, this I produce works such as covers, architectural drawings, and 3D prototyping for private companies. In other words, I'm building my client park for my future businness. I'm studying and using Cinema4D, 3ds max and other software for my personal artwork and I want to work in advanced 3D graphics as animation and special effects for TV, videogames and movies.

Of course, my homepage is still in construction (aren't they all?).

You can contact me at <[email protected]>




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