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It has been more than a year since a column in Chemistry International was devoted to the IUPAC web site . Over this time, the site has evolved, and a number of changes in its structure have been implemented.
> View the Site Map - this map will help you navigate the site and quickly locate the information you need. The structure of the site closely reflects the structure and function of the Union. The information provided is an attempt to answer questions about IUPAC such as Who?, How?, and What?

From the homepage, you can go to the following main sections: News & Notices, Organizations & People, Standing Committees, Divisions, Projects, Reports & Recommendations, Publications, Symposia & Conferences, Affiliate Members Program, and Links of Interest. These sections are accessible from anywhere on the site.

The Organizations & People section gives you access to the organization and the underlying bodies, including the Bureau, Executive Committee, Officers, National Adhering Organizations (NAOs), Associated Organizations (AOs), etc. A complete alphabetical index of members is accessible and leads to one page per member, including the member's address, e-mail address, status in the Union, and a link to recent projects. Please check your personal page, and let us know if any corrections should be made.

Independent sections are devoted to the Standing Committees and Divisions that carry out the scientific activities of the Union. By following the links, you can find a general description for each body, and access to the officers, membership, current projects, recent publications, reports, etc.

An entire section of the web site is devoted to Projects. Links provide information on or access to:

The Current Projects section is a compilation of all projects, listed by Division; a detailed description of each project is presented on a single page, including information on the chairman or coordinator, task group members, the project's objective, and recent progress. These compilations change as new projects are initiated and others are completed. These updates are presented respectively under New Projects and Completed Projects.

The results of the activities and projects undertaken by the so-called Working Parties, or Task Groups are combined into the Reports and Publications sections. The Reports section is divided by topics, with complete references, abstracts, and, where available, on-line versions of the documents. This section also includes a link to current Provisional Recommendations. The Publications section includes information on the Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, including instructions for authors and contents of current and past volumes, Macromolecular Symposia, Chemistry International on-line, and indexes of IUPAC books and references.

Other IUPAC activities include the sponsorship of major international symposia and conferences. The Symposia section is designed to keep you informed of coming events. Calendars from 1996 to 2001 are readily accessible. Past calendar entries are regularly updated to provide links to the corresponding publication in Pure and Applied Chemistry or Macromolecular Symposia and conference reports in Chemistry International. Links to recently sponsored events, sponsorship information and application forms, and non-IUPAC conference calendars are located in this area.

The Affiliate Membership Program section, as well as News & Notices, can also be reached from the home page. This latter section highlights important news from the Union. In the near future, a section entitled What's New on the Site will be offered, enabling shortcuts' access to newly posted items. Finally, for those who are familiar with the IUPAC Handbook, you can search the table of contents on-line and locate the corresponding information on the web site.

There is more on www.iupac.org than we can describe briefly in this article, and there is more to come. Take a look for yourself, and give us some feedback. E-mail your questions, comments, and/or suggestions to <[email protected]>.

Fabienne Meyers
IUPAC Secretariat

<published in Chem. Int. 21(4) 1999>

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> New Look of www.iupac.org, Chem. Int. 23(4) 2001

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