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Statutes and Bylaws

As adopted by the Council
Madrid, Spain, on 9 September 1975
Incorporating additions and amendments approved

Davos, Switzerland, on 9-10 September 1979
Leuven, Belgium, on 1-2 September 1981
Lyngby, Denmark, on 25-26 August 1983
Lyon, France, on 6-7 September 1985
Lund, Sweden, on 16-17 August 1989
Hamburg, Germany, on 14-15 August 1991
Lisbon, Portugal, on 11-12 August 1993
Guildford, UK, on 10-11 August 1995
Geneva, Switzerland, on 29-30 August 1997
Berlin, Germany, on 13-14 August 1999
Brisbane, Australia, on 7-8 July 2001


S1 Definition of the Union
S2 Objectives
S3 Membership
S4 Organization
S5 Council
S6 Officers
S7 Bureau
S8 Executive Committee
S9 Finance
S10 Divisions, Sections, and Commissions
S11 Associated Organizations
S12 Company Associates
S13 Congress and Other Scientific Meetings
S14 Adoption, Changes, and Interpretation of Statutes
S15 Duration


B1 Membership
B2 Voting Procedure in Council
B3 General Assembly Report
B4 Divisions, Sections, and Commissions
B5 Associated Organizations
B6 Adoption, Changes, and Interpretation of Bylaws



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