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Analytical Chemistry Division (V)


Emerging issues in metrology in chemistry
Mini-symposium - 17 Feb 2004

Joint meeting of the IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Division and the Working Party for Harmonisation of Quality Assurance.

The Analytical Chemistry Division Committee (ACD) will hold its next meeting at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna on February 16 and 17, 2004.

At its previous meeting (at the General Assembly in Ottawa, August 2003) a Workshop was held on the topic: "New challenges for Analytical Chemists: Genomics and proteomics". This included presentations by Aled Edwards (Director of the Genomic Consortium, University of Toronto), Jim McLaren, Director of the Chemical and Mechanical Standards, National Research Council, Ottawa, and Heinz Schimmel, IRMM, Geel, Belgium. It covered the role of analytical mass spectrometry in the identification and prediction of disease states, and the need for accurate measurements of DNA in the light of regulatory trends and the increasing role of genetically modified organisms. A successful outcome of the event was the identification of three possible Projects, all of which are currently being developed into Project Proposals.

Building on this successful use of an ACD meeting for input from external experts, the meeting in Vienna will include a mini-symposium on: "Emerging issues in metrology in chemistry". This will be a joint meeting with IUPAC's Inter-Divisional Working Party for Harmonisation of Quality Assurance (WPQA).

The ACD has identified metrological traceability in chemistry as one of its core concerns for the next biennium. Also, since 2001, the WPQA has had an important project on the concept of "Metrological Traceability" of a chemical measurement result: P. De Bièvre (Project Leader), R. Dybkaer, A. Fajgelj and B. Hibbert.

The symposium will include presentations by:

    • Robert Wielgosz, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM): Key comparisons at BIPM: purpose, examples, MRA and CMCs
    • Paul De Bievre, (Consultant on Metrology in Chemistry): Traceability and Measurement Uncertainty
    • L. Pendrill, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (Chair of IUPAP): What does IUPAP understand by 'Metrological Traceability'
    • M. Groening and A. Fajgelj, (IAEA): Metrological traceability in special fields, e.g. stable isotope ratio measurements

We have also extended an invitation to leading staff from IAEA to attend the mini-symposium which will take place on the morning of Tuesday 17 February 2004.

The ACD sees this meeting is an opportunity for bridge-building and transfer of information between IUPAC, the invited agencies, and IAEA. It is an opportunity for IUPAC to exercise its responsibility in facilitating harmonisation of the concepts measurement uncertainty, traceability of measurement results, and international terminology. It is also an opportunity for IUPAC to inform key agencies of its current projects and those under development.

The mini-symposium is set for a half day, but will be followed by a de-briefing session on Tuesday afternoon in which the ACD and WPQA will try to crystallize concerns that were raised in the symposium, and that may lead to formulation of other IUPAC Projects that address current issues in metrological traceability. The symposium will be preceded on the Monday afternoon by a briefing session for the ACD on the background, concepts and responsibilities of different key metrological agencies.

For further information about the mini-symposium on February 17, contact:
Ales Fajgelj: [email protected]
Kip Powell: [email protected]

> See report - Chem. Int. 26(3), 2004

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