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Polymer Division (IV)

Subcommittee on Modeling of Polymerization Kinetics and Processes


Chairman: Prof. Michael Buback
Secretary: Dr. Sabine Beuermann

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  • To conduct characterisation studies on polymeric materials.
  • To establish an interaction between scientists from Academy and Industry in conducting such characterisation.
  • To select characterisation themes that are suitable for an IUPAC study.
  • To publish/report results.

Former Organisation
The purpose of the Commission meetings is to explore ongoing strategy and to review progress of its Working Parties, which hold their own separate meetings at other times and locations.

The Working Parties within the Commission conduct all of the charactersiation studies; at the moment there are three WPs working on over 20 different projects:

Working Party IV.2.1 "Structure and Properties of Commercial Plastics" (Working Party Chairman and Titular Member of the Commission is Dr H M Laun).
Project topics include:

  • Structure-property relationships of discontinuous fibre composites
  • Rubber toughening of plastics
  • Influence of reprocessing on structure-property characteristics of pPVC
  • Rheological and mechanical properties of P(MSAN/PMMA blends in miscible and phase separated regimes of various morphologies
  • Property improvement via interfacial chemical reaction-reactive extrusion of EVOH/SMA and polyamide/MA-grafted polypropylene
  • Structure and properties of hydrogenated NBR
  • Effects of side chain branching on the processability of commercial polycarbonates for blow moulding
  • Studies on the biodegradable fibres made of poly(-caprolactone)

In addition, there are many feasibility studies under way including topics such as:

    • Toughness characterisation of polymers using fracture mechanics concepts
    • Structure and properties of polymeric foams
    • Understanding scratch resistance in commercial polymers

Working Party IV.2.2 "Molecular Characterisation of Commercial Plastics" (Working Party Chairman and Titular Member of the Commission is Dr D Berek).
Project topics include:

  • Molecular characterization of polyamides 6, 11 and 12
  • Nomenclature of chromatography of polymers and related substances (Collaboration with Macromolecular Nomenclature (IV. 1) and the Commission on separation methods in Analytical Chemistry (V.3)).
  • Equipment experiences and exchanges through a project on size exclusion chromatography dispersion correction
  • Size exclusion chromatography and GPC methods applied to obtaining molar mass averages on polystyrene
  • Characterisation of polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution by GPC, light scattering, viscometry, ultracentrifuge and similar methods
  • Precise determination of molecular weight distributions of polyolefins by high temperature size exclusion chromatography and hyphenated techniques

Working Party IV.2.8 "Modelling of Polymerisation Kinetics and Processes" (Working Party Chairman and Titular Member of the Commission is Prof M Buback). The working party has 38 members and one project on the critical evaluated database of kinetic parameters for free radical polymerization. Recent activitivies have focused on pulsed laser polymerization and to use these methods to "benchmark' other methods. >View recent publications
Project topics include:

  • Propagation rate coefficients for free-radical copolymerizations
  • Termination rate coefficients in free-radical polymerizations - Critical evaluation of methods and results
  • Termination rate coefficients in free-radical copolymerizations - Critical evaluation of methods and results
  • Chain - transfer rate coefficients in free-radical polymerizations - Critical evaluation of methods and results
  • Chain transfer to monomer, chain transfer to chain-transfer agents
  • Initiator decomposition rates

In all, there are about 180 scientists actively involved with this Commission.

Formerly known as the Commission on Polymer Characterization and Properties (IV.2); the commission was discontinued in December 2001.
The work of the Polymer Division is now organized as projects.

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